As the head of the Emerging Aquatic Infectious Diseases research group at the Institute of Aquaculture (Bacteriology, Virology, Pathology), Manfred Weidmann supervised the development of research on emerging pathogens in aquaculture during his time at the University of Stirling which ended in 2020.

Some of the work in aquaculture virology based on previous experiences as point of need testing is in great demand in aquaculture. A first project on mobile biomarker detection of smoltification in salmon was successful. A study on the molecular evolution of IPNV on Scottish salmon farms described the evolution of the virus in the farmed salmonids. Other work included a study on trout epithelial cells, and their response to virus infection, trying to understand the development of gill pox disease induced by Salmon Gill poxvirus in a Scottish salmon hatchery.

The contribution to the Project Plastic Vector was to evaluate the potential of pathogenic viruses adsorption to microplastics in rivers, freshwater and coastal waters.

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